Wednesday, 24 December 2008

All I want for Christmas? My pony to be fixed!

Went to go see Bonnie for a bit this morning. Dragged my dad and little sister along too, because I was too lazy to get a bus. :P And my sister hadn't seen Bonnie for ages anyway, she got very excited. She is her number one fan!

She did her best to show off what a 'good' pony she is for my dad's camera, haha. She was in a loopy mood again, bucking and not listening to me and generally being a pain. My dad got a pretty amusing picture of her mid-buck though. :)

So yeah, not the most productive session ever. But hey, in the spirit of Christmas, I will let her off. And I do get the feeling that all this lunging is starting to make a difference. I guess I was just used to her way of going before all this physio business and didn't really notice how she wasn't really using herself when she moved. Now I can really see that she steps through with her back legs properly, her back start to lift (something she was virtually unable to when the physio first visited) and she seems much more relaxed through her neck... and in general really. She did an amazing medium trot today too... when I was trying to get her to walk, but never mind! :D

Not long now until the physio returns either, hopefully she will have the same opinion as me that Bonnie has improved... and maybe I might even be able to start riding again! :O That would be nice.

She'll get tomorrow and boxing day off due to the lack of buses. :) It's gonna be weird not hunting on boxing day, I've done that with her the last couple of years. Ah welllllll. There's always next season eh?

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