Saturday, 27 December 2008

Yay! :)

I actually rode today, hahahaaaaa. :) And in a shiny new bridle that I got for her for Christmas!

I figured seeing as I've started to see improvements with the way she was going on the lunge, I'd see if I could feel any improvements in the way she rode.

She felt very forward going! Apparantly the only pace she had was medium trot! But she also seemed much lighter on her forehand than I remember (although she still tried to rely on me for balance during downward transitions... but then again I haven't been able to practice those very well on the lunge, haha) and I could actually feel her using her back end when she trotted.

We did some spiral-y things like we do on the lunge, and she seemed to be bringing her inside hind under her well and dropping her neck into the turn. All the lunging seems to have really helped with her bending too, I used to find it really hard to maintain a bend with her, but she seems to be doing it for herself now, which is very exciting.

So all in all, I am a pretty happy Phoebe. :) Only a week more of lunging to go until the physio comes again, hopefully she will have the same positive opinion as I do!

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