Monday, 8 December 2008

Lungey time. :)

Bonnie's already getting better at this lunging business.

When I lunged her yesterday, she was a complete and utter idiot about the whole thing. She would NOT stop for anything or anyone. I woooooahhhhed for ages and she was still just cantering around like a loony. Eventually I got fed up and just 'shook' the line to get her attention. That was of course her cue to rear up, spin round, and canter off in the other direction. :/

But apparantly she'd got all that out of her system and was much better behaved today. I actually managed to concentrate on doing the exercises with her rather than just making her stop. :P We've got to basically concentrate on her relaxing and bending, because it's when she bends properly she's using her back muscles properly. She's got the back half of a Pessoa on just to remind her to use her back legs to power herself forward rather than 'towing' with her front legs. We do spirally circles, getting bigger and smaller, and practice transitions between walk and trot. It's all such fun!

I sense this is gonna be a looooong 4 weeks.

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