Wednesday, 21 January 2009

It's cold again. :(

I wasn't happy that it was so bloody cold when I went to go and see Bonzo this evening. The walk there warmed me up quite nicely though! It was weird that Mayfly wasn't there to greet me with her wobbly lip when I got there, as she's at the vets at the moment. But I had Bonnie's little 'food face' to occupy myself with. :)

I gave her a lunge this evening. She was a bit full of herself, but I can't really blame her, as I haven't been able to get up to see her and exercise her since Sunday. Monday night I ended up having to do some severe cake-baking (only from those ready made mixes, but hey! :D) and last night I had a lovely 'parent's evening' to get dragged along to, so my poor little horsie has had to take a minor back seat. Ah well, at least she's got some energy out of her system now!

Am going to try and go up to see her a bit earlier tomorrow, as my afternoon chemistry lesson is cancelled, whoo! I may even get to ride in natural light, which would be nice. :)

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